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Providing an integration platform that works with virtually every hiring platform on the market

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Connecting your HR cloud has never been easier!


There is nothing worse then having to use 3-4 different software platforms to do your job. On top of that, HR integrations are typically complicated, expensive, and time consuming. Here at Hirelink, we provide a solution to your integration needs. Our proprietary software connects all your hiring tools into one system instantly. The best part is that Hirelink works with virtually every ATS, HRIS, and HCM system on the market! Whether you're a system/service vendor or an HR professional, we provide a perfect solution for your integration needs.   


Hirelink provides a way to integrate all your HR data from your various platforms into one area. We provide this service through a browser extension. The Hirelink extension will automatically detect emails and phone numbers that are on your current page. By pulling this information, Hirelink is able to pull all the data about an applicant from various platforms. This enables you to see all the necessary information to make a hiring decision, without logging into each individual software. 

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Hirelink works over these websites and many more...


We are partnered with many industry leading HR software providers. Hirelink connects all your add on products to your ATS, HRIS, HCM. Enabling you to access all your tools inside of one software platform.

Here are some of our integrations, just to name a few...

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